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About Us 

Craven Foods commenced in June 1987 in Bunbury under the ownership of Brent and Jenny Craven and originally traded under the name of Craven Seafoods. Brent and Jenny started their business by transporting crayfish to Perth and returning to Bunbury with seafood products to supply the local restaurants, hotels and cafes.

In 1992 Kevin Coote became an active partner to develop the business in the areas of Marketing and Business expertise. This lead to the expansion of product range and the move to the name Craven Foods, reflecting more closely the Total Food Service focus the company now has. This also coincided with the move to larger new premises in Bunbury at 16 Denning Road.

With increasing market share and developing the product range further Craven Foods opened an additional warehouse, located at 6 Bradman Street in Busselton, in December 1996 to become the first Food Service Wholesaler to operate two depots in the South-West Region.

Having seen the development of the business over its short history, along with recognising some enormous opportunities to develop the business further Douglas Mateljan and Kym Burke secured Craven Foods from then its current owners in January 2000.

The market remains primarily in Food Service in areas like:

  • Restaurants and Cafes;

  • Takeaways and Food shops;

  • Hotels, Resorts and Clubs;

  • Roadhouses, Convenience outlets;

  • Schools and institutions; and

  • Government facilities.

Craven Foods was originally a Seafood only company, however through its development it today carries over 3,500 lines of stock in:

  • Frozen Seafood, Meat, Vegetables and Potato products;

  • Frozen Party Lines, Pastries and Ice creams;

  • Cheeses, Bacon, Margarines, and Eggs;

  • Dry Goods, Oils and Fats, Sauces;

  • Asian and Continental Lines

  • Bakery Lines;

  • Packaging and Paper products; and

  • Confectionery and drinks.

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